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Taking Another Shot At Glory

When the Enclave fell to the New California Republic (NCR), some of their forces managed to get away while the Navarro military base was being sacked. Since then, life has been hard, living under the NCR’s thumb, constantly worried that their identities will be uncovered and their lives once again uprooted. 

Though the term “Enclave remnant” can refer to a range of people, there is a particular group of Enclave veterans who now live in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. These individuals are lying low and keeping their heads down, it would take a concerted effort to find them and the secret bunker filled with their stash of Enclave gear.

This digital NPC Theme Pack for Fallout The Roleplaying Game is designed to give gamemasters all the necessary rules, stats, and tools to introduce these Enclave Remnants into their games at any level of play. Use the information within to present these NPCs as potential allies, build a quest about bringing the old gang back together, or perhaps use them as well-rounded enemies defending their secrets and hidden bunker. 

The 25-page Enclave Remnants PDF features:

  • Stat blocks and backgrounds for 6 named Enclave Remnant NPCs, with stats provided for two different Levels of play, including Heavy Weapons Trooper Orion Moreno, and Vertibird Pilot Daisy Whitman.
  • The group’s background and motivations, plus tips on their combat tactics and suggestions for mustering these troops to help or hinder your PCs.
  • 6 Plot Seeds to introduce the Enclave Remnants into your games.
  • A detailed write-up of the Remnants’ Bunker, with loot and clearance rewards.
  • An overview of piloting a vertibird, including the different roles and actions characters can take. Plus a rundown on the specifics of the vertibird’s profile.

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