Siege Of The Citadel: Dark Legion Bonus Pack


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This bonus pack lets you expand your games by adding the Whitestar faction, reinforcement heroes, Dark Legion minis, cards, location tiles and more!

This boxed bonus pack for the Siege of the Citadel game includes new cards that expand the content of the base game. These new cards follow the same rules as their base game equivalents and can be shuffled or added to the corresponding decks, as directed by the missions included.

The Dark Legion Bonus Pack includes:

  • 4 playable Whitestar faction character minis
  • 7 reinforcement heroes minis (one for each other faction)
  • Seeker Indigo mini
  • 18 Dark Legion minis including 5 Malignants, 3 Castigators, 3 Tekrons, 2 Defiled Avatars, 2 Metropolitan Prophets, 1 Mercurian Maculator, 1 Golgotha, 1 Karak the Keeper
  • Over 70 additional cards
  • 10 Lunar City Hazardous Location Tiles
  • 1 plastic player tray

Requires the Siege of the Citadel Base Game (available separately).

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