Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Tale of the Dragonborn

Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is over a year old now, and we are moving into our second Chapter, Steam and Shadow. At Modiphius we work usually 2 or 3 Chapters ahead of current releases, so we are looking at sets you will see maybe a year or more from now. One of the things we really wanted to stress with Call to Arms was the ability to customise the equipment and spells that our heroes could use, as everybody has a favourite play style. 

With that in mind we are today launching our Tales of the Dragonborn competition, where you can help design a figure in one of our forthcoming releases!

We are looking to see YOUR version of the Dragonborn. We’d like to see interesting and unusual builds – something that we haven’t seen before. We know that everybody wants an Orsimer Barbarian, or a Khajiit Stealth Archer, so show us something we hadn’t thought of. 

The winner of the completion will get $50 of Modiphius store credit, so you can build on your existing Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms collection, pick up some of the new sets we will be releasing throughout the year or try another of our exciting games like Fallout Wasteland Warfare. They will also see their design used to influence one of the figures in a forthcoming set – we may not use exactly your design, but you will certainly see the inspiration and influence. We’ll also send you a set of the figures that include the one inspired by your design. 

Competition Rules Tales of the Dragonborn – write a description of your favourite version of the Dragonborn, including race, gender, appearances, weapons, equipment and armour. The description should be no longer than a single side of A4, or no more than 500 words. We’d also like to see images of that Dragonborn. In-game screenshots are fine – you can use some console commands to freeze the game and remove the UI if you want, but it’s not essential. If you are feeling artistic then by all means send us a digital drawing or copies of traditional media. We’d like up to 3 images of no more than 10Mb in total. We are looking for good, clear images that show the equipment and armour, and maybe a pose you like. Finally, give your Dragonborn a Title to be proud of. Our Dragonborns have titles that describe their role or their mission – Steadfast Dragonborn, Dragonborn Triumphant, Dragonborn: Defender of Skyrim.

We’re looking for original, interesting builds and a good, strong theme. The “best” or “most powerful” builds are not necessarily what we want. We’ve probably got all the obvious archetypes covered in the range somewhere and, remember, you will be in competition with other entrants as well, so you want to try and pick something that will stand out from the crowd. The race, armour and equipment you choose has to be from the core Skyrim game (nothing from Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard, Morrowind, Oblivion, Online, Blades or Legends content at this time) and its official DLCs (Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn) – so no mods or Creation Club items, I’m afraid.

Also, only one entry per person. We know many of you have lots of builds you love – you are going to have to pick just one, I’m afraid. 

You can email your entries to Support@Modiphius.com with the Title “Dragonborn Competition”. Photographs should be in Jpg format and not larger than 10Mb in size. Scenarios should be in Word or PDF format and should be no larger than 1Mb in size.

The competition will run until 30th May and all entries become the property of Modiphius. All decisions are final and no cash prize (in Septims or Victory Points either) alternative is available.

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