Blood of the Void is an Actual Play Tabletop RPG using the Star Trek Adventures game by Modiphius Entertainment. Join this all Klingon cast as they adventure through the voids of space. GM'd by Aliza Pearl.


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Last Monday of Every Month @ 6:30PM PST (GMT -8)

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Meet the Crew

Aliza Pearl is an actor, writer, GM, TTRPG player, streamer (APizaLiza), improviser, and Trekkie. She has appeared in many commercials, TV shows, indie films, webseries, and TTRPG liveplays; she was nominated for Best Actress for the short film "The End" at the 2020 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema. Most recently, she can be seen in the feature film "Faith Based", and playing a weekly Cortex RPG liveplay campaign at

Quincy Surasmith is a Thai-Chinese American actor and journalist based in Los Angeles. He is the host and producer of Asian Americana, a podcast about Asian American culture and history. Quincy has been featured on Conan, Buzzfeed, and can be heard as the voice and lyricist behind Thai Chip and Dale on Disney's Mickey Mouse.


Twitter/Instagram: @Quincetessence

Christopher Eddins is a former athlete turned half of a writing duo. In addition to writing he is an improviser and actor, performing with the improv group Lemon Pepper Wet, and as part of the podcast Bleav in the Crossover.


@dreddins on Instagram

@crossoverthepodcast on Instagram

Aki is a performer in many mediums, as well as a producer, writer, a community manager, and a lover of Star Trek since childhood. Tabletop role-play has, in many ways, been an incredible creative outlet to explore strange new worlds; once which they deeply cherish. When not playing tabletop games, Aki enjoys singing, cooking, drinking tea, and trying craft beers and excellent whiskey.

Twitter: @MxGiniInABottle

Twitch: shidareAKI

Phillip Jeanmarie is an actor, VO actor, proud husband/dad and newbie to the Star Trek universe. Watch him fearlessly fail, learn as he goes and try not to DIE!

Instagram: @phillipjeanmarie

Jade Law is an actor and improviser, a lover of cats, plants, coffee and jazz, and also the manager for webcomic localization at She fights for justice and has fun batting away bullies and low-hanging clouds of doom. She also enjoys acroyoga and League of Legends for casual play, because life is long and respawning is hard.

Instagram: @phoenixjayne

Twitter: @phoenixjayne