Fallout Friday Community Blog

By Jon Webb

As part of the ongoing #FalloutFriday initiative, we wanted to showcase not just the efforts of everyone taking part with the monthly scenarios, but also the wider community.

Each month we will round up and present a list of interesting Wasteland Warfare related channels, blogs, websites and anything else that catches our eye.

Hopefully by sharing the efforts of all the dedicated wastelanders out there we can boost their signal and help grow the game and link up players and hobbyists across the globe.

If you have something that you want featured, please send links and details to support@modiphius.com marked for the attention of Jon and I’ll review and hopefully showcase your efforts here each month.

So, welcome to the first Community Roundup, hopefully with plenty more to follow.  


Dmitriy is one of our wastelanders over in Russia and hosts superb events with stunning tables and awesome prizes on a regular basis (current viral restrictions not withstanding). They also host demo days to help introduce new people to the game, so if you are in or around the St Petersburg (or wider) region, it’s worth reaching out as the club is doing incredible things with Wasteland Warfare. 

Check out one of the recent events here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/113493429210346/permalink/862485910977757/ 

Gaming and Blogs

Trials of a Casual Wargamer - https://trialsofacasualwargamer.blogspot.com/?m=0

With a focus on solo wargaming, Martin’s blog is a great snapshot of the narrative elements of Wasteland Warfare and well worth a visit. Keep up with the adventures of Tara and maybe even pick up some tips for how to play solo. 

Hobby Content

Notanotherpainter - https://www.instagram.com/notanotherpainter/ 

Currently working through some rather sharp Enclave figures, Blair seems to know their way around a paint brush for sure. Scroll back in history for some great efforts on the starter set minis too. Looking forward to seeing more from Blair soon.

War Games News Radio - https://www.instagram.com/wargamesnewsradio/

A companion to the youtube channel and a good place to keep up with what’s going on with their output. 

The Warsmith - https://www.instagram.com/the_warsmith/

Another talented painter, Alex also seems to the favour  the Enclave. Check out some of their awesome terrain to, give them a follow and we hope the great Wasteland Warfare miniatures continue to feature on the feed.

Video Content

Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy - https://www.youtube.com/c/DuncanRhodesPaintingAcademy/videos

Off the back of his two thin coats stardom, Duncan has (with his trusty producer Roger) started a series that is great for helping new painters pick up the hobby and even teach a few old dogs some new tricks.

With regular videos showing off some new (and even unreleased) figures from both Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, there should be something here for all wastelanders. 

Nickybhobbying - https://twitch.tv/nickybhobbying 

Coming back to regular streaming, Nicky has several great paint/watch-alongs on their channel , showing a lovely high contrast technique that really makes the Super Mutants pop.

Tabletop Hub - https://www.youtube.com/tabletophub

Covering both Elder Scrolls Call to Arms and Fallout Wasteland Warfare releases, painting guides, gaming, how to plays and general hobby content, Sam runs a very helpful and enjoyable channel for sure.

That Painting Bloke - https://youtube.com/channel/UCxF6UyJ7jTo-YjOJeLm-Tpg 

Craig is one of our new batch of studio painters (you’ll see his work coming up in the Commonwealth wave). He’s got a new founded YouTube channel and will be hopefully featuring some Wasteland Warfare content in the very near future. 

Warbudgies - https://www.youtube.com/c/warbudgies

Jon and the team at Warbudgies have been running a long term campaign system, using a “choose your path” approach to Settlment mode. Now on season three, they’ve got plenty of sweet terrain, converted miniatures and even actual budgies, so worth your time to check out. 

Wargames News Radio - War Games News Radio

Dedicated to Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Ryan hosts painting videos, faction reviews, battle reports and more.  There might even be the odd interview here and there featuring various members of the Wasteland Warfare team. 

Untold Stories Project - twitch.tv/untoldstoriesproject

Alexander hosts a weekly party of wastelanders, using the Wasteland Warfare RPG to tell stories (possibly untold?) and explore the history of the Commonwealth 12 years before the arrival of the Sole Survivor. 

Worth a look, particularly if you have not yet dabbled with the RPG expansion to the core game. 

Thanks again to everyone for submitting their content and please do keep sending in your efforts so we can showcase them here. Don’t forget #FalloutFriday each month, till next time… see you in the Wasteland.

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