Fallout Friday and Into the Wasteland!

By Jon Webb

Fallout Friday

Our first #FalloutFriday has arrived and we are looking forward to seeing the results of everyone’s efforts on all the social media feeds so please do share, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or through the Fallout Discord group (check out those communities if you haven’t already and join in the chat).

As well as launching the new scenario for next month's #FalloutFriday (The Vestiges Resurgent part 1) and the Enclave release date, we’ve also got updates for several of our downloads and some slight changes too.

If you go to our downloads page you’ll find all the essential documents needed to play Fallout:Wasteland Warfare. We’ve just updated the errata/FAQ, points costs needed for play, the settlement sheet and the weapon cards to ensure we are up to date with wave 4 game content. The errata changes will be in magenta, with the only card that has changed being the Young Deathclaw Swipe.

Battlemode is now notably absent from the page. The Battlemode rules and force guides have been moved to their own page here and now include a new Enclave Battlemode release!

We’ve done this to reduce new player’s confusion as they enter the game, as the Battlemode rules and force lists are not intended to be used in the core Wasteland Warfare game.

You’ll note that we haven’t updated the force lists or added the Enclave yet. This work is well underway, but we are redesigning both Battlemode and the way we present the forces to make things a little more accessible. We’ll talk more about what that means in the future, but in the meanwhile here is a preview of what the Enclave will look like. The observant among you may notice some key changes to force lists. You can also see that Creatures and Robots are getting added into the mode as we move into Battlemode 2021.

The RPG updates are also not quite ready to go, there are no major changes, but we are of course adding caps costs for the wave 4 items. For now, GMs should cost anything from wave 4 that their players want to add, but we’ll have the official caps in the very near future.

Enjoy the wave 4 launch (proper) and the arrival of the Enclave and the Mirelurks into your games. As ever if you hit any troubles, please do reach out to us either through the

support@modiphius.com email (mark your questions as Fallout Errata) or on the forum where we have a dedicated FAQ/Errata thread. 

As part of this first Fallout Friday, don't forget that all our Enclave releases are shipping now, plus we've made our Stealth Boy Coursers and Glowing Ghouls available for purchase too! These are normally only sold at live shows or special events, but with most things turning digital this year, we've made them available for you to buy direct.


Into the Wasteland!

You’ll also note we’re pleased to announce the release of Into the Wasteland - an expansion for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare allowing players to head out and explore the wilds of the Wasteland. 

The Wasteland may look scorched, dead and barren but look closely and it is inhabited by travelling Raiders, Mole Rats aggressively guarding their nest, Deathclaws hunting their prey.  Into the Wasteland includes rules and cards to generate areas of the Wasteland and populate it with inhabitants each their own goals; plus, new creatures and a Wasteland campaign. 

For more details on Into the Wasteland, check out our recent posts part 1 and part 2 about the exciting content contained within Into the Wasteland which are written by designer James Sheahan. 

Into the Wasteland is available now and can be bought and downloaded from the store.  

So, gather your supplies, assemble your team and prepare to head... Into the Wasteland. 

Note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Into the Wasteland is being released as a digital product containing print-and-play cards.


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