The Elder Scrolls Call to Arms Base Camp Competition
With the launch and general availability of Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms Core Rules and starting figure sets, we’ve decided to run not onebut two competitions!
You can enter either or both, but you can only win one of them, so choose wisely! 
The winner of each competition will get $100 of Modiphius store credit with three runners up each getting $20 store credit, so you can build on your existing Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms collection, pick up some of the new sets we will be releasing throughout the year or try another of our exciting games like Fallout Wasteland Warfare.
Both competitions are based on the same theme – The BaseCamp. We’ve started our expeditions and adventures in Tamriel, so let’s see the base camps your forces will be operating from, and hear the stories that you can tell around those campfires. 

Competition 1 – Making Camp

Construct a terrain piece that will fit on a standard-sized CD (12cm diameter or 4.7” for the Imperials). The piece should represent a basecamp, or portion thereof, in some way. It might be an adventurers rest, part of a Legion garrisona Stormcloak outpost, hunter’s camp, bandits hideout or a necromancers ritual site far out in the wilderness away from prying eyes. The piece should be usable in-game and be scratch built as much as possible. No plastic tents or resin fires!
Send us three photographs of your base camp with an Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms miniature in shot to show scale. We’re looking for both a well-executed craft and an original and inventive idea.

Competition 2 – Campfire Tales

Write a scenario that deals with a campsite in some way. It can be Battle or Delve mode and should require an objective of some kind that matches the dimensions for the scenery in Competition 1 – so 12cm in diameter. It should include all of the elements you see in our standard scenario setup, including some narrative introductory text, Setup, Special Rules (try not to go too mad with scenario-specific rules!), Victory Conditions and Oaths. A map showing the setup and any special features would be useful – any quality is good as long as it’s readable.
Scenarios should be no longer than 2 sides of A4, or about 400 words and no more than 800words. An example scenario layout is shown below. Look at our other scenarios for guidelines on style and tone – for instance, we rarely specify what forces are involved or required, so that players can use whatever Factions and Adversaries they have available.

How to Enter

The competition will run for two months so you've got time to get creative, play the game, come up with some cool scenarios or scavenge for unusual bits to make that ideal camp scene. 
A maximum of three photographs can be submitted for the Base Camp model, which should be in JPG format and not larger than 2Mb in size each.
Scenarios should be in Word or PDF format and should be no larger than 1Mb in size. The competition will close on September 1st and all entries become the property of Modiphius Entertainment Ltd. The judge's decisions are final and no cash prize (in Septims or Victory Points either) alternative is available.
You may only submit one entry for each competition, your first entry will be used by the judges. 
All submissions should be sent to titled BASE CAMP COMPETITION. 



Round Limit: 6

Environment: Dungeon

Ruined holds, forgotten tombs, and lost barrows can be found in the hidden places of Skyrim, and many hold great riches. As the civil war rages, both sides seek to secure the valuable treasures and ancient, magical weapons within, to equip their own brave soldiers and deny them to their cunning enemy.



Setup battlefield scenery as described in the Pre-Game Sequence (see p.2). The board is bisected horizontally. Beginning with the player with Setup Priority, Objectives are placed one at a time, on or within 3” of the centerline.

Next, beginning with the player with Setup Priority, players take it in turns to place a number of Treasure Tokens in the neutral zone one at a time.

Then, players place Adversaries following the rules in the Scenario Special Rules.

Finally, players deploy their models. The player with Setup Priority chooses one deployment zone – A or B. The other player uses the opposite deployment zone.



This scenario uses the Adversaries, Objectives and Treasure Special Rules. Adversaries that begin the game in play are deployed in the neutral zone (outside either player’s deployment zone). Take it in turns starting with the Player with priority placing a random Adversary model one at a time. Each Adversary model must be placed in contact with an Objective Token. Each token may only have one Adversary model placed in contact with it. If players run out of available Objective Tokens, begin using Treasure Tokens, and then finally any leftover models are placed along a non-deployment edge at least 6” away from any models .



In addition to VPs awarded for Objectives, players gain Victory Points in the following circumstances:

Each enemy model removed as a casualty: 1 VP


Players may declare they will be attempting as many as they like of the following Oaths during this game. Each Oath can only be completed once by each player. If by the end of the game a player has not completed an Oath, they lose 1 VP from their total.



I will remove an Adversary Master from play. 3 VP


My Party will suffer no casualties from Adversaries. 2 VP


I will remove from play an Adversary that removed or Incapacitated a friendly model. 1 VP


I will control the same Strategic Objective for two consecutive turns. 2 VP


I will collect 1 Master Treasure Card. 1 VP

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