The Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game completes its galactic tour with the Delta Quadrant Sourcebook

The game’s line developer, Jim Johnson, shared the following information

Since the release of the Star Trek Adventures RPG in July 2016, Modiphius Entertainment has steadily released supplemental books covering each of the four quadrants of the Star Trek setting. The Beta Quadrant and Alpha Quadrants were the first two to be covered, then the Gamma Quadrant. Now, with the release of the Delta Quadrant Sourcebook, the grand tour of the major areas of the Star Trek universe is complete.

Where the Alpha and Beta Quadrant supplements largely focused on expanding the well-known areas of the setting, and supported primarily Starfleet-crewed starships and game experiences, both the Gamma Quadrant and Delta Quadrant Sourcebooks expand the game line’s potential.

The Delta Quadrant Sourcebook picks up where the Gamma book left off, expanding the possibilities for player characters by providing guidance on how to add even more non-Starfleet player characters to your adventures and campaigns. Now, non-Federation characters like Neelix, Kes, and even a Liberated Borg such as Seven of Nine can be player characters working alongside traditional Starfleet characters.

Tying into the traditions of diversity and inclusion found within Star Trek, the Delta Quadrant Sourcebook offers many new playable species for player characters, including the Ankari, Jye, Ocampans, Pendarans, and Talaxians. In addition, the book provides statistics and advice for playing Liberated Borg characters, for those players and gamemasters looking to add complex and interesting characters and storytelling challenges to their adventures and campaigns.

The sourcebook is rounded out by providing information on Delta Quadrant worlds, additional starships that may be found in and around the Delta Quadrant, copious details on the Borg Collective, and advice on running adventures and campaigns set within the Delta Quadrant. 

Use the contents of this book to provide a few surprises for your players in your ongoing Star Trek Adventures campaign, or set an entirely new game in the quadrant and emulate Voyager’s long voyage home through the unknown. Perhaps your crew may also find themselves in an uncharted part of the Galaxy and have to find their way home.

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