London June 6 2018 Modiphius Entertainment is really pleased to announce the release of five new titles for the amazing Legacy 2e Life Among the Ruins, with five Worlds of Legacy products which provide alternative settings and new frontiers for Legacy 2e RPG games.

These Worlds of Legacy books are now available in PDF on and as part of the Legacy Collection, and they're joined by a brand new print-on-demand version of Non-Compliant, a brand new Quickstart for the Legacy 2e RPG.

Generation Ship (Worlds of Legacy 1) 
You’re trapped inside the heart of a decaying generation ship drifting between the stars. How will you survive and find a new home?  Your families woke up from cryostasis half way through a thousand year journey. Now you must find a way to live on a ship that wasn’t intended to support long-term habitation, keep it running, and try to make sure future generations reach the promised land at the end of your journey.
• Find a new way to survive with 6 new Family playbooks and 8 new Character playbooks. Take control of The Keepers of the Long Sleep, The Maintenence Collective, The Scrounge, The Echo and more!
• New rules to guide the exploration of the labyrinthine ship, and force you to work together to overcome each new crisis.
• Five Ship Systems that guide your exploration and forever redefine the ship once active. 
Primal Pathways (Worlds of Legacy 2)

On the harsh shores of this young planet, a new creature crawls out of the primordial ooze to face the forces of evolution. Guardians, enigmatic entities from another plane of existence, have seen fit to guide the evolution of a selected few young species. what shape will your people take under their Guardian’s guidance?

• Evolve a new society with 5 Guardian playbooks and 6 Character playbooks.
• Take control of individual members of your species to create new myths and legends that are passed down as your species evolves and changes.
• Guide the civilisation of your new species with detailed Evolution Trees for each Guardian.
• Imbue your species with unique physical Traits: wings, shells, claws, spinnerets and more.
• Three new Wonders provide grand works to construct. 
Godsend (Worlds of Legacy 3)
These are times of trouble: the days are numbered. Ragnarök, the War of Gods, the Apocalypse, the Arrival of Avatars, the Eternal Night, the Infinite Void. The end of days. But the gods are walking among us. They are here to guide us, to save the world as we know it - or to help us reach the land of the Dead. If we pray faithfully enough and prove our worthiness, perhaps we can be spared.

• As you are masters of fate, random chance plays no role in this game. Play with entirely diceless version of the Apocalypse World system, and bend the world to your will.
• Embody one of six divine Domains - War, Trickery, Knowledge and more.
• Play the avatar of another player’s god, using one of eight Callings - the Angel, the Juggernaut, the Prophet and more.
• Tell tales of heroism and loss as you guide the world towards salvation - or ruin. 
Rhapsody of Blood (Worlds of Legacy 4)
An endless war against an evil castle from outside our world. Every generation the blood moon rises, and the castle exalts a villain with its dark gifts. They shall command its legions, use its powers to twist reality, and seek the godlike power of the unholy grail. You’re here to stop them
• Blood-Soaked Action: The Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset has been finely tuned to suit the exploration of a nightmare castle and dynamic fights against memorable adversaries.
• Generational Storytelling: An episodic game structure can take your story from the dark ages to the modern day, with the outcome of one generation affecting the dangers of the next.
• Character Diversity: Five different Bloodlines combine with five customisable Explorer types to make every generation of heroes meaningfully different.
• Ready to Go: With complete game rules, examples of play, GM advice and a prologue that teaches you the game as you go, this book has everything you need to play. 
Worldfall (Worlds of Legacy 5) 
You’ve landed in paradise. What will you make of it? Humanity at last stakes a claim among the stars. But building a colony on a strange new world is about more than mere survival. To thrive, you’ll need to balance the demands of competing political factions, each vying to leave their mark on humanity’s new home.
• Build a new society and history with 7 Cabal playbooks and 7 Character playbooks. Take control of The Officer Class, The Scum of the Universe, The Priestex, The Gasoline Fire and more!
• Alliance and Reputation rules to guide you through tense political sagas.
• A new Wonder: the Constitutional Congress governs the rights, responsibilities and restrictions on your new society. 
Legacy Non-Compliant
In Non-Compliant, the players are survivors living in post-apocalyptic Utah generations after an alien invasion. Some are exiles, struggling out in the desert. Others work in the Compliant Zone, risking rebellion under the alien’s constant surveillance.
Now word has reached you that the aliens are preparing to leave, and plan on reducing the world to slag in their wake. Can you unite the disparate warring tribes and conspiracies into a resistance? Can you brave impossible odds and face down the invader’s clone battalions? 
And can you thwart their plans and save your world?
This quickstart gives you a jumping-on point for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins Second Edition. With the core game rules, four pre-generated player builds and a tense sandbox adventure, it has everything you need to try out the game, with room to continue once you pick up the core book.
Legacy life among the ruins