GEEK & SUNDRY: "Pitch-perfect blend of ‘superhero’ and noir tabletop RPG... The mechanics are simple yet INCREDIBLY robust."

ONE SHOT PODCAST: “Combines everything that’s great about Apocalypse World with everything that’s great about FATE”



Modiphius has announced a co-publishing agreement with Son of Oak Game Studio to distribute City of Mist, their neo-noir detective roleplaying game. In City of Mist, you play as legendary figures of myth reborn into ordinary people who gain the powers of their legendary alter-egos. Play as a hard-boiled detective with the powers of the Monkey King or a fashion tycoon who is the incarnation of Aphrodite and hit the streets looking for answers about who you truly are and about  the insidious powers ruling the City from behind the veil of the Mist. Balance your normal life with that of your magical alter-ego as you engage in tense investigation and cinematic conflict throughout the City.

City of Mist is inspired by the world of super-powered noir graphic novels and TV shows, such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Through its innovative ‘tag’ system it allows you to flesh out a character entirely unique to your imagination via purely descriptive tags. This enables a vast array of different characters to be created and for new players to easily be able to be introduced to the game. Your choices within the narrative of the story and world are influenced through eight core ‘moves’ which provide different dramatic outcomes based on your character and what you roll on the dice. This allows for fast, fluid play full of danger, consequence, and narrative.
City of Mist will be launching with the new core books releases in PDF (funded by their City of Mist Kickstarter) on the 28th of February along with new PDF supplements (new City districts and villains) on 7th of March, followed by the retail release of the Player’s Guide, MC Toolkit, and MC Screen in late April and additional expansion books in summer of 2019.

The release will include:

  • The Player’s Guide which contains an introduction to the setting of the City of Mist and everything you will need to know to create, play and evolve your characters, packed with graphic novel art by Marcin Sobon.
  • The MC Toolkit is a set of guides and resources for MCs who create and run their own cases and series, including narration guidelines, a case-writing guide, a bestiary of crooks and villains, four villain story arcs, and a ready-to-play case, Gambling With Death.
  • The MC Screen has the signature City of Mist art with all the rules, tips, and suggestions an MC needs handy inside. It includes a new city district PDF, Tourist Trap, by D&D Dragon Heist co-designer James Introcaso.
  • A slew of PDF and digital supplements:
    • New case: Gambling With Death, a case of untimely death and shady dealings at the casino.
    • New District: La Colonia De Sombras, by Mark Diaz Truman (Magpie Games), a shadowy district of heroic immigrants and meso-american horrors.
    • New District: Tourist Trap, by D&D Dragon Heist co-designer James Introcaso.
    • New Villain: Stone-Cold Beauty (Medusa), a vindictive small-time villain of petrifying glamour.
    • New Villain: Puppet Show (Geppetto), a calculating small-time villain driven to kill by fatherly love.
    • New Soundtrack: five original music tracks to add mood to your investigation.

PLAY AS "RIFTS", ORDINARY PEOPLE WITH LEGENDARY POWERS Player characters in City of Mist are ordinary people in whom a legend has awakened. You play a unique combination of a real-life persona and a legendary Mythos, from a reporter with the powers of Don Quixote to a socialite imbued by Excalibur. Your life is a game of balance between magic and normality.

Together with your ragtag crew of Rifts, you will hit the dark streets to uncover the insidious forces at play in your City, confront ancient legends in modern-day guise, and discover what you truly are... 

DIVE INTO THE INVESTIGATION AND UNCOVER THE CITY'S UNSPEAKABLE TRUTHS...Someone is running the show in this City, and it's up to you to find out who. You need to talk to the right people, ask the right questions, and sometimes take answers by force. Are you doing it out of the kindness of your heart or because you have a stake in the matter? Either way, the truth must be revealed.​

For gamemasters, both new and experienced, City of Mist makes writing investigative adventures easy, using the Iceberg Model. Check out the MC Toolkit for a complete case-writing guide.

Inspired by super-powered noir graphic novels and TV shows, such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Fables, the City of Mist game system encourages you to get creative and experience cinematic moments with every action you take.​
  • Characters made entirely of tags:
    • Create rich and diverse characters with any ability or walk of life imaginable *without ever writing a single number down*.
    • Easily flesh out and customize the tiny details of your powers and modern persona and have every detail impact the game - even your character’s catchphrases!
    • Get creative with new combinations of tags.
    • Easily introduce the game to new players, no matter their background.
  • Story-propelling action resolution system:
    • A simple rule converts your descriptive tags into roll modifiers, turning your narrative into crunch.
    • Eight core moves deliver different dramatic outcomes with every roll, driving the story forward and fueling suspense (no silent failure).
    • No hit points! Descriptive conditions (physical, social, magical, emotional, etc.) gradually wear down on your ability to take action, and then escalate to permanent effects and death.
  • Dramatic character evolution rules:
    • Simulate the ups-and-downs of your hero's life with a built-in clash between your characters mythical and mundane themes.
    • Make hard choices and sacrifices to determine which themes to develop and which to abandon, instigating dramatic changes in your character, such as loss of powers or the death of a loved one.
    • No levels! Evolve by constantly making cinematic choices and replacing themes to unlock greater Moments of Evolution.


Son of Oak Game Studio is a band of talented game lovers and artists from around the globe. As fans of both ancient and modern-day legends - be it in comics, film, or fiction - we create RPGs that bring narrative drama and cinematics to your tabletop.

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