London 2 Aug 2017: Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of Space 1889: The Strange Land, a brand new adventure for the Space 1889 RPG, which brings to life the literary fantasies of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle and many more to create a science fiction roleplaying game in a more civilised time of Steampunk Victoriana.
Space 1889: The Strange Land is available in print and PDF in both Ubiquity and Savage Worlds Editions from
Modiphius has also recently received brand new stock of the Space 1889 core book which is now available again, the perfect way to start your Space 1889 adventures.
The Strange Land:
Far away from his home planet, Canal Martian boy Kime lives on the estate of Lord Feltam. Hithe who shows the orphaned child off to entertain his curious guests during his illustrious dinner parties. Not only does Kime come from a foreign planet, he also has a most extraordinary talent: his lifting gland is rudimentarily functional, allowing him to levitate in the air - although exhausting him visibly.

At one of these dinner parties, the adventurers have the pleasure to meet this remarkable Martian. However, the boy disappears the same night and it is up to the player characters to search for him immediately. Their first trace leads them to a dubious travelling circus and in the end, the adventurers find themselves on the frontlines in the London dockworkers's strike.

In part two, the player characters can choose to meet Kime again on Mars. Hired by a British officer in Parhoon, the adventurers are now involved in a conflict between the local potentate and the former orphan boy Kime who in the meantime has become a figurehead of the Martian canal workers. The British colonial power has, of course, its own interests.

Look out for more great Space 1889 adventures and supplements, like the recently released Marvels of Mars, and the forthcoming London Bridge has Fallen Down adventure.
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