Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of two brand new print and PDF products from Corvus Belli’s awesome Infinity Roleplaying Game.

Infinity: Nomads
and Infinity: PanOceania are available in print and PDF as part of the Infinity Collection on and also available on

Here are the details on these intriguing new additions to the Infinity universe.

Bakunin. Corregidor. Tunguska. Three gigantic motherships, one diverse Nation. Each traversing the Human Sphere as they see fit in order to deliver their own unique blends of chaos and colour to the distinctly bland lives of their planetary cousins. A Nomad Nation with one unified purpose: to stick it to The Establishment.
Often viewed as little more than a collection of criminals, misfits, and thugs by the censored citizens of the other G5 nations, the Nomads themselves tell a very different story if ever given the chance. Life is hard on the motherships because it has to be. Space is a premium and even the air costs money on Corregidor. Every Nomad gladly pays the price, however, for every single one of them knows it is part of the cost of their freedom. Their liberty to be who they want to be in their lives in whatever body they choose to live it, with no-one to judge and very few strictures to observe.
They are also fiercely proud to be the only remaining souls still free of the oppressive will of ALEPH, who they view as humanity’s greatest threat.
Progressive, rebellious, independent, passionate, and bizarre are just a few of the monikers that encapsulate the Nomad spirit. Never standing still and always changing, the Nomad Nation hops from system to system onboard their motherships, selling their unique services to the highest bidders and keeping their secrets away from the prying eyes of the sole AI with their own chaotic datasphere, Arachne.
Each mothership is also fully prepared to deploy their own capable troops should anyone be foolish enough to try and snoop. With guidance on creating Nomad characters, new gear to tinker with, and extreme body modifications to indulge in, this sourcebook delves into the excesses of the Nomad Nation as never before.
  • Details on each of the motherships, from their turbulent histories and the ghosts of their pasts to the secrets of their inner workings.
  • Focused Lifepaths that allow players to create truly unique and individual Nomad characters, plus an additional chapter to cater for the ultimate in extreme body modification.
  • Additional armour, equipment, and adversaries specific to the Nomads, including Praxis designed augmentations, Nomad-specific armour and weapons, and stats for several unique
  • Advice on creating Uplifts, plus an entire chapter dedicated to the virtually undefinable rating and ranking system that drives lifestyles and transactions on Bakunin — Social Energy.
ALL THAT GLITTERS… PanOceania. The Hyperpower. Life at the top of the G5 nations ensures a certain amount of privilege and power. It also brings its fair share of enemies. Born from an intercontinental alliance on Old Earth that pioneered the race to the stars, PanOceania has led the transhuman revolution without ever once looking back. 
Stewards of no less than three entire star systems and numerous colonies on several other worlds, the Hyperpower is also the largest proponent of ALEPH, the benevolent AI that oversees many of the functions that allow the vast PanOceanian empire to operate. Overseen by ALEPH, their policies set by lobbies, and their faith guided by the Church, most PanOceanians soak up glamorous holovids depicting the herculean might of the latest cutting-edge TAGs or the glorious charge of power-armoured Knights and bask in the sanctity of their technological superiority. 
Scratch beneath the surface of the neon and chrome, however, and all is not as harmonious as the Mayacasts would have you believe. On the ocean planet of Varuna, Libertos fight ever more violently to free themselves from a subversive occupation, whilst all across PanOceania’s territories, dispossessed Ateks struggle for recognition from an interstellar institution that refuses to acknowledge their existence. With new gear and fresh insights on the mightiest of Hyperpowers, this sourcebook will take you deep beneath the sparkling surface of PanOceania’s dazzling exterior.  
  • Details on the three key star systems that are home to the PanOceanian empire: Acontecimento, Neoterra, and Varuna.
  • Focused Lifepaths that allow players to immerse themselves in the diverse aspects of the Hyperpower, including Croc Men, Hexas Agents, and Knights.
  • Additional armour, equipment, and adversaries specific to PanOceania, including the innovative sensarecorder tech, the mighty Seraph TAGs, and stats for several unique adversaries.
  • A treatise on the Helots and their culture, plus several Lifepaths that provide an opportunity to play a member of this enigmatic amphibious race!