London, Feb 19th - Modiphius, creator of award winning RPGs like Achtung! Cthulhu and renowned table top games like Thunderbirds the 50th Anniversary Co-op Board Game, is pleased to announce two new releases for Järnringen’s acclaimed Swedish RPG Symbaroum - a new adventure Mark of the Beast and a lavish map detailing the world of Davokor.
Mark of the Beast is available in PDF on here.
The Symbaroum Map is available in PDF from here.
Following hot on the heels of the release of the Symbaroum Core Book and Symbaroum Adventure Pack 1, The Mark of the Beast is an independent sequel to the tutorial adventure The Promised Land and provides insights on how to deal with more complex battle- and problem solving situations.
It also contains a dozen colourful non-player characters, two maps, four handouts, a new ritual, two artefacts, a new elixir and much more to add to your Symbaroum campaign!
The Mark of the Beast features the settlement of Thistle Hold – a town of hopes and dreams but also a place where people are murdered or disappear without a trace. A beastly killer known as the Flayer is hounding the northern districts of town. Some say an abomination is on the loose. The situation grows even more tense as an infamous Black Cloak arrives, spreading suspicions far and wide  ...And when it becomes known that Mayor Nightpitch is among the witnesses, the rumour-mill really starts to grind.
Enter Thistle Hold, the town in the shadow of Davokar where hope flourishes in a bed manured with broken dreams and shattered prospects. The Mark of the Beast gives adventurers a good reason to explore the streets and personalities in town, but will also take them along on a hunt for an elusive and brutal slayer – a slayer driven by the most ruthless power known to the world: love.
Accompanying The Mark of the Beast is a handsome new map set which brings Symbaroum's dark fantasy game world to life. This PDF Map Set includes two high resolution maps, allowing printing in up to A2 format (16.5 x 23.4 inches) with absolute premium quality.
One of the maps depicts Symbaroum’s game world in greater detail than ever seen before and the second shows the town of Thistle Hold, including all its street names and important establishments, the perfect companion for The Mark of the Beast adventure as well as a base for players to explore further adventures of their own .
Symbaroum the RPG
Symbaroum is the much admired dark fantasy Swedish RPG from Järnringen.  Written by Mattias Johnsson and Mattias Lilja and featuring stunning, atmospheric full color artwork by Martin Bergstrom, Symbaroum is a dark fantasy RPG which features the intriguing world of Ambria and Davokar.
Symbaroum, was originally released in Swedish about 15 months ago, after a very successful fundraiser campaign on IndieGoGo. It has recently been translated into English and was launched recently by Modiphius with retail stores getting stock from March.
Product Information: Mark of the Beast
Game Line: Symbaroum
Category: Adventure
Retail Price: £5.59 / $7.99 / EUR7.49
Pages: 28 pages, full color
Author: Mattias Lilja
Editor: Mattias Johnsson
Artist: Martin Bergström
Graphic Design/Maps: Johan Nohr
Stock Code: JRE100003
ISBN: 978-91-87915-10-9
Product Information: Symbaroum Map
Game Line: Symbaroum
Category: Maps
Retail Price: £1.99 EUR 2.49 $2.99
Pages: 2 pages, full color
Artist: Tobias Tranell
Graphic Design: Johan Nohr
Stock Code: JRE100004