Modiphius Entertainment has announced a new regular podcast, Modiphius Calling hosted by Chris Birch and Josh O'Connor, which discusses both Modiphius' in-house games  as well as taking a look at other games the team are playing, new tabletop related App releases, gaming and related culture, dramatic readings as well as interviews with a wide variety of guests. 

Modiphius Calling is hosted at

Episode 1 features news of Achtung! Cthulhu, Mutant Chronicles, the new introductory wargame One War and an interview with co-designer Nick Fallon, Stephane Middleton reading the short fiction intro to the Mutant Chronicles Playtest, discussion of Goodman Game's Dungeon Crawl Classics, retro love for Siege of the Citadel plus the Frozen Front and Battle Academy Apps.  

If you would like the Modiphius team to interview you about your new game or have a story for us, please get in touch through 
Modiphius calling