Modiphius is proud to announce an exciting deal with Iron GM Games that makes Modiphius the worldwide distributor of Grimmerspace which is coming to Kickstarter in May 2019.  Grimmerspace is a sci-fi horror RPG setting for the hit Starfinder™ roleplaying game by Paizo Publishing, co-developed by beloved actor/director Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things), along with award-winning game designers Lou Agresta and Rone Barton.

Grimmerspace is set in a non-magical, science-fiction horror universe, and the citizens of Grimmerspace (“Grimmers”) are veterans of fighting alien abominations from the depths. Despite its strangeness and its terrors, their's remains a rational, scientific reality. Until now.

The Grimmers don't know it yet, but the evil Sundermages -- near-immortal sorcerers wielding godlike power -- ripped into their universe not long ago through a vast tear in space-time called the Seethe. As the Seethe leaks magic into their galaxy for the first time, the Sundermages plot from the shadows to conquer the five distinct, technological civilizations of Grimmerspace. Soon, science and magic will come to world-ending blows.

Let Sean tell you more about Grimmerspace in this broadcast straight from the depths…
Grimmerspace takes place in the Gilding Rim Galaxy, aka the G-Rim. The core narrative tension of the universe is a conflict between technology and magic as the galaxy, previously devoid of magic, is flipped upside down by the arrival of powerful mages. Will you choose bullets or fireballs to wage war against alien horrors?
The 2019 fully funded Grimmerspace Kickstarter will include  five game books and a quick-start guide so that you can get right into the action.  
  • The Grimmerspace: Sci-Fi Setting and Adventures book offers over 14 adventures that explore 14 unique locales across the Gliding Rim galaxy. Learn more about these regions, their riches, the civilizations that vie to control them, and the terrors that lie in wait during the Grimmerspace Kickstarter
  • From the twisted mind of horror master Richard Pett comes Abattoir 8, the chilling tale of a sub-orbital meat processing plant gone dark. We’re giving it away, but get on the list for early access! Learn more about Abattoir 8, its place in the 48-page adventure Casket of the Cull, and receiving your print copy during the Grimmerspace Kickstarter
  • Grimmerspace comes with a free, easy-to-download Jumpstart guide so you can get right into the action, whether you're new to roleplaying games or haven't played in years. In fact, you can grab the Jumpstart for free even if that’s all you decide to do, just by visiting the Grimmerspace Kickstarter page.
  • Modiphius will be assisting Iron GM Games with marketing and logistical support to help Grimmerspace reach a much wider audience and is using their long experience with crowdfunding to consult and advise the team on delivering a successful Kickstarter project.
  • Actor Sean Astin is creative developer on Grimmerspace, injecting his considerable experience within science fiction and fantasy worlds into the eclectic mix of sci-fi horror that is Grimmerspace.
  • Rone Barton is an award - winning game designer and podcaster who is now the co-founder of Iron GM games and co-producer of the Iron GM Tournament.
  • Lou Agresta is a game designer and novelist who delivered the five time Ennie- nominated Razor Coast and developed Heart of the Razor, its award - winning companion novel.
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