London 07 March  – Modiphius, publisher of award-winning roleplaying games like Achtung! Cthulhu and acclaimed board games like Thunderbirds the 50th Anniversary Board Game are pleased to announce the release of the Mutant Chronicles Cybertronic source book, part of  a week-long celebration of all things Mutant Chronicles!
Cybertronic may be the newest of the major corporations dominating Earth’s solar system in Mutant Chronicles' techno-fantasy universe, but its commitment to forgotten and forbidden technology, make it one of the most fascinating.
The Cybertronic Source Book is available in print and PDF and PDF only versions on It is also available from
Stealth and Steel
The youngest and smallest of the corporations, Cybertronic is less than a century old. Few know much about this enigmatic, technologically advanced new player on the scene, but few doubt how quickly it has made a place for itself in the new order of the Solar System.
Cybertronic’s methods are secretive, but highly efficient, and many do not trust this newcomer, for it dabbles in technologies that were banned long ago…
• Human Resources: What kind of person would embrace Cybertronic? Discover the mysterious structure and culture of the Fifth Corporation, and the employees that work within it… both human and machine.
• Secret Origins: Uncover the secrets of Cybertronic’s founding, and the hidden purpose of the corporation.
 • Technology: Explore the sophisticated technology of Cybertronic, which allows their employees to be both more – and less – than human.
• Character Creation: Expanded rules for the backgrounds and professions unique to Cybertronic, as well as options for AI and Neoclone characters.
Mutant Chronicles Week
The Cybertronic source book is the second major release of Mutant Chronicles week, a
a week long celebration of the acclaimed sci-fi roleplaying game. Fans can look forward to three new Source books in prospect for the Brotherhood, Cybertronic, and Mishima factions.
Players will have a chance to win every single one of the new titles, plus the Mutant Chronicles Capitol and Imperial source books, the Dark Symmetry campaign, basically everything Modiphius has released for Mutant Chronicles in 2016 as well as the original Mutant Chronicles core book and Player's Guide.
See the Mutant Chronicles Facebook page for further details on the competition.
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Product Information: Cybertronic Source Book
Game Line: Mutant Chronicles
Category: Supplement
System: 2d20
Retail Price: £17.99/$28.99
Size: 96 page colour softback
Stock Code: MUH050011
ISBN: 978-1-910132-33-3
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