Protagonist Archive and Alien Flame bring new allies and adventures to the galaxy-spanning role playing game
London 24th January 2017: Modiphius Entertainment and Design Ministries are pleased to announce a double release of two exciting new Fragged Empire resources; Protagonist Archive, a new source book of allies, factions and races, and Alien Flame, a brand new adventure for Wade Dyer's awesome sci-fi roleplaying universe.
Protagonist Archive is available in Print and PDF and Alien Flame is also available in print and PDF both from
Four new races - one galaxy spanning adventure
In Fragged Empire Protagonist Archive you'll discover a compendium of new Races, Factions, Locations and NPCs for your Players to connect with. The Fragged Empire Protagonist Archive explores the consequences of the arrival of four new races in the Haven system: the digital Palantor, the spiritual Remnant, the nomadic Twi-Far and the highly dangerous Zhou.

Fragged Empire: Protagonist Archive also contains 8 new factions; 6+ new locations, 6 prominent NPCs, a character & spacecraft List, plus 90+ weapons, outfits and variations. It's an invaluable resource for extending and exploring the amazing sci-fi universe of Fragged Empire, where betrayed by your creators, you are a genetically engineered remnant emerging from the ruin of genocidal war…

In Fragged Empire Alien Flame, written by Ryan Schoon, an Adventure suitable for Characters with 6-10 Resources, the galaxy is becoming less mysterious every day. Corporation scientists are unravelling the secrets of the worlds while the Palantor unlock incredible new technologies. It has become rare to encounter something that science cannot explain - yet the Twi-Far have.

The Faren, strange beings of pure energy, make up one half of the Twi-Far pairing, but no one really knows where they came from or what they are doing here.

When the Twi-Far research vessel, The Flame unexpectedly veers off course and heads directly for pirate territory, the scientist Elidrav fears the worst. It will take a swift and cunning team to track down The Flame and bring it back before the pirates snatch it away. But what exactly were the scientists aboard The Flame researching, and why did it so suddenly change course?

Solving these mysteries will put the PCs face-to-face with deadly secrets, fierce pirates, and innumerable twists and turns. Will the PCs prevail, or will their actions put the entire Twi-Far race at risk?

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