London June 1 2017 Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of The Worm Within, the brand new cosmic fantasy novel from the upcoming Chronicles of Future Earth fiction series and roleplaying game, from ENnie-award winning writer Sarah Newton, the mind behind the classic Mindjammer series.

Jaine Fenn, author of The Hidden Empire novels and winner of the 2017 BSFA Award, said of The Worm Within: "This is classic fantasy packed with exquisite and original touches”.

The Worm Within
is now available as a paperback and ebook on, and as an ebook on DriveThruRPG and DriveThruFiction, with a print version available shortly.  Both paperback and ebook editions include digital versions in PDF, epub, and MOBI (Kindle) formats.

Review copies of The Worm Within are available in both print and ebook form on request. Simply mail with details of your publication for your copy.

"In the last centuries of the Fifth Cycliad, a great malaise fell on the lands of humankind... 

It is the far future. Our civilisation, and its glorious technological future, is gone. Only rusted ruins and tunnels beneath the ancient cities hint at what once was. In the Chronomancer's Tower, a young apprentice stumbles upon a secret which will change the world; an ancient evil, little more than a fairy tale to frighten children, is real, and threatening to return. But is everything what it seems? Wheels turn within wheels, and political machinations wrought by selfish men and women bring the world to the brink of devastation. Can Iago and his unlikely allies unravel the knot in time, and fathom the mystery of... the Worm Within? 

Some said it was the end of days. Some said it was only the beginning. These pages tell the story of that time yet to come. These are the Chronicles of Future Earth."

We hope you enjoy this exciting new novel, which joins other Modiphius paperbacks like Mindjammer the Novel,  Dark Tales from the Secret WarTales of the White Witchman, and Before the Flood in Modiphius' ever-growing fiction collection which now ranges from transhuman sci-fi and cosmic fantasy, to classic World War 2 Cthulhu adventure, to post-apocalyptic near future thrillers.

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The worm within