Paris Based Devil Pigs Games Takes To Kickstarter For Dark Twist On Normandie Invasion & Funds In Less Than An Hour!

Modiphius Entertainment is pleased to announce a licensing deal with Devil Pig Games for the Shadow's Over Normandie boardgame and a series of expansions based on Modiphius' terrifying World War Two universe, Achtung! Cthulhu.

First announced during Devil Pig Games Kickstarter for the tactical WW2 boardgame Heroes of Normandie in April 2013, Shadows Over Normandie is now a full standalone boxed game featuring the characters and forces from the Achtung! Cthulhu world.

Heroes of Normandie has been a hit tactical World War 2 boardgame release selling over 5000 copies in it's first printing. You can see an excellent review of Heroes of Normandie by Tom Vasel here

Although development and production on Shadows Over Normandie is proceeding as planned, Devil Pig Games are taking the project to Kickstarter to extend the print run and give fans a chance to pick up some amazing new expansions for the standard Heroes of Normandie game as well as to fund box upgrades to include, free for all backers, in the Shadows Over Normandie boxed set plus additional campaign sets introducing more of the Achtung! Cthulhu forces, villains and heroes. Yes that's right, backers of the original Heroes of Normandie Kickstarter who selected the Shadows over Normandie set will get the box update free of charge!

The story follows the Lost Platoon and takes place just a few weeks after D-Day somewhere deep in the Normandie countryside. The platoon led by Sgt. Carter of the U.S Rangers, with the help of French resistance agent Ariane Dubois and her fearsome companion must fight a force of Deep Ones and the Nazi Cult of the Black Sun before they unleash a terrible evil upon the Allied forces.

The Kickstarter funded inside the first 60 minutes and has already broken several stretchgoals at:
The Shadows Over Normandie Kickstarter offers something for both existing and new fans of the Heroes of Normandie series of games:
-       A new expansion (and maybe more) for Heroes of Normandie
-       Shadows over Normandie Base sets
-       Unlock extra content and box upgrades for Shadows Over Normandie boxed set,
-       New expansions for Shadows over Normandie

Devil Pig Games are committed to supporting the community and plan to use a stretch goal to hire a full time community manager to help organize tournaments, convention support, community events and much more.
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