Learn the dark secrets of the Mutant Chronicles universe's ultimate outsiders
London 16 Aug 2016 - Modiphius, makers of award-winning RPGs like Achtung! Cthulhu, the Mutant Chronicles, Conan and Star Trek Adventures, today releases Mutants & Heretics, a new supplement for its acclaimed Mutant Chronicles roleplaying game.
In this 118 page full colour softback supplement, written by Mischa Thomas, Marc Langworthy and Bill Heron, Mutant Chronicles fans will learn inside secrets and never-before-revealed information about the Mutants and Heretics, agents of the sinister Dark Legion, who have infiltrated the solar system and stalk the shadows of his greatest cities.
Hidden amongst the shadows of abandoned buildings and crawling through the very bowels of the city are the misunderstood and the corrupt, those twisted mutants and insane Heretics that hide from the Light. To the common man on the street, mutants are as contemptible as Heretics. But what are mutants really? Are they a vile by-product of the Dark Legion’s influence, or something else entirely?
And what can be said of the true nature of a Heretic? Were these men and women born to become servants of Darkness, destined for evil, or are some drawn to the power that is offered in the hopes of turning it against itself?
• Heretics: What motivates a Heretic? Are they all of purely evil intent, or do shades of moral grey indeed exist? Is it really possible for a human to walk the razor’s edge between Darkness and Light?
• Mutants: What sparks mutation and what does it truly entail? Learn the truth about their twisted DNA and the intrinsic power that it brings to these enigmatic beings.
• The Ancients: Strange vaults and undisclosed finds amongst the stars have led to advanced relics and unidentified ruins. But what ancient race left them behind? And to what purpose?
• Vast Powers: Despite relentless persecution, mutants have been able to hide from both the Brotherhood and the agents of the Apostles. Discover the immense powers that allow them to stay one step ahead.

The Mutants & Heretics supplement is available now in Print and PDF and PDF only forms from Modiphius.net

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