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 Welcome to our first #FalloutFriday free download, the Undiscovered Vault. In this scenario The Survivors are trying to power up the entrance to an undiscovered Vault they have heard is nearby. If they can activate the entrance, they can find its location and will have a strong defensive position in this area. The entrance override can be triggered by accessing enough of the computer terminals.

The Super Mutants know the Survivors are up to something, but do not know
why; however, nothing good ever came from letting Survivors access computers. The Super Mutants’ Enslaved Tech suggests an alternative to directly stopping any hacking: flipping the circuit breaker for the computer network would shut off all the terminals. Circuit breaker boxes are very secure, so either the reinforced casing needs to be destroyed to get inside it, or a key found to open it (which would originally have been located in the area).

Fallout Fridays!

Each month we are going to be releasing a free PDF scenario for everyone to download and use as inspiration for their ongoing hobby. Whether you are a cut throat gamer, talented painter or creative scenery builder, you are welcome to join in the fun. 

Once the PDF is released, we encourage you to download it and start planning. You have until the next month’s scenario to take part and we want you all to share your efforts on social media using the #FalloutFriday tag. 

See our Fallout Friday blog for full details!



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