Homeworld Fleet Command: Alternate Taiidan Fleet Box (Yellow)


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Expand your intergalactic might in the Homeworld Board Game with the Taiidan Alternate Fleet Box in a different colour from the standard Taiidan ships found in the core game and Taiidan Fleet Box. Take the fight to your foes with 102 YELLOW plastic spaceship models and an extra Command Card Deck and unit cards to support more players. Wage truly epic tabletop battles in Gearbox’s award-winning universe with an expanded arsenal of units and abilities.


  • 102 YELLOW Taiidan spaceships
    • 2 Destroyers 
    • 2 Carriers 
    • 12 Assault Frigates
    • 12 Heavy Corvettes
    • 12 Salvage Corvettes
    • 12 Ion Cannon Frigates
    • 2 Heavy Cruisers
    • 24 Interceptors
    • 24 Bombers
  • 54 Command cards, 18 Unit Cards, 22 Leader Cards
  • 64 tokens

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