Homeworld Fleet Command: Campaign Expansion


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Take your conquest of the stars to the next level with the Campaign Expansion for the Homeworld Fleet Command Board Game. Expand your fleet and take your battles in space to a whole new level with 100 new ships, new Unit cards, Upgrade your ships through the new 8 part Campaign plus new rules for Nebula, Planetary Facilities, Heroes, Cloaked ships and Barrage attacks. 


  • An expansion rulebook with 8 more missions
  • 1 double-sided game board to double your game space
  • 69 new cards
  • 91 new tokens
  • 100 new plastic spaceship miniatures representing Kushan and Taiidan Forces
    • 24 Attack Bombers
    • 24 Bombers
    • 24 Salvage Corvettes
    • 24 Ion Cannon Frigates
    • 4 Heavy Cruisers

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