Hi here's a set of FAQ and instructions for setting up your Affiliate account with Modiphius. 

1. Once signed up at modiphius.goaffpro.com/create-account you will need to verify your email address - you should get an email from no-reply@goaffpro.com very quickly asking you to click on a link to verify your email. 

2. We need to manually approve each affiliate to ensure you are either a retailer or media. This could take  up to 24 hours so please be patient but you'll get an email to confirm. 

3. Once you login to your dashboard you'll see the affiliate Home tab. Here you can see your coupon code and your referral link - both are generated automatically. Either of these can be given to the customer 

You can change your Coupon using the 'Change Coupon Code' link below. It may disallow a code if it's already in use by us or another affiliate. 

The Referral Link can be customised on the Settings Page. 

Below that you'll see a summary of referrals, sales and commissions / earnings. 

4. The next tab is PAGES. Here you can create your own landing page on our site to direct your customers too if you wish to give them more instructions. However for now we reccommend directing them to either the front page using your referral link, or a specific product using the Marketing Tools tab. 
You'll notice there's also links to a Google Play and App Store apps to help you monitor the account. 
5. The MARKETING TOOLS tab can be used to create referral links for specific products or collections. For example if you want to promote the Star Trek Delta Quadrant book, or Elder Scrolls Call to Arms range simply go to our webstore, copy the URL and paste it here to get your own unique referral link. 
You can also load files such as banners you create or we provide for use in promotion. 
6. The PAYMENTS tab is where you can see how much is due to be paid (pending) and how much  you have been paid, and the last payment to you. We'll be paying at the end of each month by Paypal to the paypal email address you supplied. If you have any issues email support@modiphius.com. Please note we have currently set the minimum payout to £50 so if the outstanding balance is less it would roll over to the next month. 
Understanding Payouts
We pay commission based on the net receipt of MSRP, this means if there is VAT on the order (in the EU sales tax is built in to the price, not added on top like in the USA), then your affiliate commission is based on the actual amount we receive. As a result if your customer is EU based you will see a deduction for the proportion of the commission that is VAT. 
7. The SETTINGS Tab is where you can update your social media links, change your password, name, edit your referral code to something more memorable such as the name of your store and you can add your Facebook Pixel (if you use one) to track the page views and conversions you generate.