Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20: Operation Black Cap (PDF)


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Battle the Black Goat of the Woods!

It is March 1941, and Section M receives reports that a Ju 52 transport plane has been downed near the village of Glavica in Yugoslavia. Planes do crash in this remote mountain range, but reports of strange atmospheric conditions intrigue Section M’s analysts.

When further intelligence is received that the plane was carrying an unusual stele recently unearthed by the Black Sun in Italian East Africa, agents are sent on to investigate. However, with an Axis invasion imminent, Yugoslavia is a volatile theatre of operations and getting in and out again will be no easy task. 

Deposited on the shores of the Adriatic, the agents must meet a local contact and work their way inland while evading Yugoslavian patrols before making their way to the remote mountain village using subterfuge or main force.

Yet once they arrive, what awaits them there is not only a Black Sun task force, but a cult of Shub-Niggurath worshippers who have called upon the wrath of the Black Goat of the Woods to recover their lost artefact and smite the unbelievers.

Caught between the forces of Black Sun and the cult, will the agents be able to recover or destroy the stele and make it out of the country?

Their path is fraught with obstacles, like checkpoints, hordes of would-be refugees and Black Sun agents who stand in their way. Worst of all, can they escape the vengeance of the fearsome Servant of Shub-Niggurath which has been set on their tail?

Find out in this latest thrilling Achtung! Cthulhu adventure!


  • A 23-page adventure for 4-6 agents in both standard and printer friendly formats. Can be run as a one-off adventure or easily incorporated into ongoing campaigns.
  • Infiltrate Yugoslavia via the Adriatic Sea, rendez-vous with a local contact, search the crash-site for occult artefacts, and escape the region safely.
  • Features maps to enhance the playing experience for both players and GMs.

Requires the Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 core books to run.

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