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Operation Snowstorm

When  Outpost Epsilon-3, a remote research post in British Columbia, goes radio silent for over a week, Majestic’s suspicions are aroused. An experienced team of agents is quickly delivered to the nearby snowbound town of Dunley, and ordered to investigate. 

As they navigate the hazardous path to the base, their progress is made more difficult by a dangerous blizzard, considerable natural hazards and some strangely disturbed wildlife. Once they reach their destination, they find the outpost near abandoned and the few remaining Majestic operatives in the grip of some strange delusion—and also prey to some rather unwholesome appetites…

What can have triggered such a frenzied state, what other terrors lurk within the base’s walls and why has this activity aroused the particular interest of the local Pathfinder Demon Hunters? 

Working with these powerful new allies, the agents will have to discover the truth behind a long-buried secret and confront a monstrous threat far older and more terrifying than the Secret War itself. 

Can the agents succeed in their unenviable task or will they be buried in the frozen wastes of Operation Snowstorm? 


  • A 32-page standalone mid-late war mission for 4-6 agents  in both standard and printer friendly formats. Can be run as one-off adventure or easily incorporated into ongoing campaigns
  • Explore the wilds of British Columbia, experience deadly wildlife, natural hazards, strange influenced foes and recruit the Pathfinder Demon Hunters as your allies
  • Deadly by design! Expect casualties and a high rate of attrition. You may not wish to risk your main agents on this missions!
  • Features maps, playing aids and handouts to enhance the playing experience for both players and GMs

Requires the Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 core books to run.

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