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Home Is Where The Threat Is is a PDF adventure for the Dreams and Machines roleplaying game, and is intended to be played after Shadows In The Daylight (available separately), but can also be played on its own.

Amid a backdrop of rising tension and Thrall attacks, the player characters come across a burned out merchant caravan and a destroyed farmstead. They find hints that other farmsteads in the area are under threat. The player characters must navigate numerous internal rivalries and feuds to rally the inhabitants to defend their homes.

Home Is Where The Threat Is takes place to the south-east of New Mossgrove, close to the Vaporoko River, in the rich farmlands of this area. It is suitable for any group of adventurers.

The 24-page, full-color Home Is Where The Threat Is PDF features

  • An exciting adventure in four acts
  • Investigate a burned out merchant caravan and ruined farmstead
  • Track the Thralls and find out where they will attack next
  • Raise the alarm and convince rival farmers to work together
  • Help to hold the line against the Thrall assault

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