Dreams and Machines: Poisoned Waters (PDF)


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Poisoned Waters is a PDF adventure for the Dreams and Machines roleplaying game, and is intended to be played after Home Is Where The Threat Is (available separately), but can also be played on its own.

It is a strange time in Evera. The Thralls have been attacking settlements more aggressively than anyone can remember, and now, people have been disappearing or found dead. Murder is generally rare in Everan settlements, and particularly so among tight-knit communities like the Spears and Rivers, but these are the groups who seem to be targeted.

More disturbingly, it seems like these killings are connected, and evidence pointing to both Spears and Rivers is driving a sharp wedge between them. In these confused times, someone neutral (and brave) may be able to uncover the truth…

Poisoned Waters is easily adaptable to existing campaigns and features a mix of travel, investigation, combat, and diplomacy.

The 32-page, full-color Poisoned Waters PDF features: 

  • An exciting adventure in three acts.
  • Share stories around the fire with a group of Spears and join their hunt.
  • Haggle with a group of Rivers and investigate events at a trading post.
  • Calm hostilities during a tense stand-off between both groups.
  • Help to uncover the truth and broker peace.

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