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Welcome to a universe of Elite adventure, Commander! 

The main purpose of this free 50 page sampler The Worst Intentions for the Elite Dangerous Roleplaying Game, is to allow players to sample the ruleset and universe of this exciting new RPG from Spidermind Games and get a feeling for how it works.

Please note: It does not contain the full rule sets and there will be plenty left over for the player to discover when they get the full 350 page Cobra Manual!                                 

This standalone booklet contains a single adventure, The Worst Intentions, for you to play. Included are four pre-generated characters including their ship and equipment. Partial rules for personal combat, spaceship combat and ground combat are also included. 

Elite Dangerous the Roleplaying Game is a skill based system using a D10 and a skill bonus to exceed difficulty numbers. You advance by Rank, using the same rank structure as exists in the computer game. You begin as 'Harmless' and can make your way all the way up to 'Deadly' and then 'Elite'. Each Rank has a skill cap which is steadily increased as you gain in experience. Character creation begins with you choosing from a number of 'Backgrounds' which come with a unique set of skill improvements and personal Enhancements to enable your character to be as unique a person as you are. 

Each character begins with their own spaceship, just like in the computer game. Not only can characters improve these ships with upgrades to the weapons and internal systems but, with the right amount of money, players can trade in their ships for larger and more powerful models. Players can also engage in vehicle combat and purchase larger and better ground vehicles as they advance in wealth. 

GMs can create their own missions for their players, covering areas such as Military Missions, Espionage, Exploration as well as trading, or they can use our random mission generator to create plot hooks and twists. 

What is not included here are: Character Creation rules, Adventure Creation rules, Spaceship modification rules, Equipment lists (Except the equipment listed in the game), the full combat rules (partial rules for this adventure are included) and lots and lots of other detail which you will only find in the full RPG. 

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