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Luck and Hope in the Wasteland

Mercenaries with a moral compass are uncommon in the Wasteland, so it was a surprise when Reilly’s Rangers made such a name for themselves. With shamrocks and sabres worn proudly on their chests and geomapper modules in hand, they make a steady living helping the people of the Wasteland for an appropriate fee. They are an efficient, tight-knit group that pack some serious firepower, so if you’re one of those rare individuals with both caps and moral scruples, look no further than Reilly’s Rangers.

This digital NPC Theme Pack for Fallout The Roleplaying Game is designed to give gamemasters all the necessary rules, stats, and tools to introduce Reilly’s Rangers into their games. Use the information within to present these NPCs as potential allies, build a quest around their contracts past or present, or perhaps use them as a stand-in for another well-armed mercenary or military group. 

The characters in this NPC Pack are presented at “Day 0” of their respective Fallout game, allowing you to take the Rangers anywhere you want. These NPCs are best suited to fight alongside Level 10 player characters but you can, of course, modify them and the content of this PDF to suit your own game.

The 22-page Reilly’s Rangers PDF features:

  • Stat blocks and roster for five named Reilly’s Rangers NPCs (Reilly, Butcher, Donovan, Brick, and Theo), plus two stat blocks for probationary Rangers. 
  • Information on the group’s reputation and activities, plus tips on their combat tactics.
  • 6 Plot Seeds to introduce Reilly’s Rangers into your games.
  • A detailed write-up of the Rangers’ Compound, with loot and clearance rewards.
  • New equipment used by the Rangers, including a weapon mod, weapons, and armor.

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