Fallout: The Roleplaying Game: NPC Pack 1 - The Rust Devils (PDF)


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A Taste For Technology and the Smarts to Use It

The Rust Devils are a gang of ruthless and tech-savvy raiders who are obsessed with robots. They scour the Commonwealth looking for robots to reprogram or salvage, festooning themselves and their bases with tangles of wires, circuitry, and spare parts–even going so far as to fashion armor and weapons from the robot parts they salvage. You may only encounter a few human gang members at a time while out in the Wasteland, but rest assured their reprogrammed and deadly robots will never be far away!

This digital NPC Theme Pack for Fallout The Roleplaying Game is designed to give gamemasters all the necessary rules, stats, and tools to inject the Rust Devils raider gang into their games at any level of play.

The 39-page Rust Devils PDF features:

  • Stat blocks for 22 Rust Devil NPCs and heavily modified robots, over a variety of levels from the Level 2 Rust Devil Scrounger or Protectron Devil all the way up to their leader Ivey and the terrifying Level 18 Sentry Bot Butcher!
  • The Rust Devils’ background and motivations, plus tips on their combat tactics and encounters.
  • New Equipment and Gear, including Robot Armor, and stats for using an Assaultron Head as a hand-held laser, or a Mister Handy Buzz Blade as a melee weapon.
  • Rust Devil random encounters and a Level 12 home base location at the Fort Hagen Satellite Array.

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