Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Astoundingly Awesome Tales Vol. 2 (PDF)


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There are a million tales in this world, but we only focus on the Astoundingly Awesome ones! Have you happened upon the sumptuous sugary taste of Nuka-Cola? Of course you have, and so have the Raiders of Nuka-World! What happens in the fusion-ruined future, where the atomic apocalypse has driven the world mad and bloodthirsty maniacs overrun the fizziest funhouse in the US of A? Where marvellous mascots hide suspicious secrets, and our herculean heroes travel with a wacky cast of poppin’ personas to see what awesome adventures can be had right here, in Nuka-World!

In this bigger-than-ever issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales we visit Nuka-World and follow the many adventures to be had along a series of linked scenarios, starting with the ever ‘friendly’ N.I.R.A and pushing through the park past all manner of threats towards the big Overboss themselves! 

This 112-page PDF brings 12 scenarios to your table and includes all the rules required to pick up and play every model included in the Nuka-World wave of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare using Vault-Tec Profiles.

This expansion includes:

  • 10 Linked Scenarios that cover the release wave of Nuka-World miniatures.
  • 2 Brand-New Scenarios capping off the Nuka-World Adventure.
  • Vault-Tec Profiles for every model in the Nuka-World wave making every model playable with the streamlined Vault-Tec Simulator rules (already available separately, but also included with your download of this PDF).

Access to the rules, dice, and material found in the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Two-Player Starter Set is necessary to make full use of this expansion. 

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