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Please note: this is a digital STL product ONLY for 3D printing and not a physical product. Requires a 3D printer and knowledge of 3D printing to use. You will be emailed the STL files immediately after purchase. Figures shown are for scale only and are not included in this package. 

Constructed in the mid to late 2070s, Sanctuary Hills was a small suburb of the larger town of Concord, which was built on a small island reached by a wooden footbridge and made up of some 14 prefabricated homes.  In the aftermath of the Great War, the conurbation was abandoned and became neglected with many of the homes collapsing due to the ravages of time and becoming nests for pests like radroaches and bloatflies. This surviving example is typical of the dilapidated houses in Sanctuary Hills and comes with detailed interior dressing and the option to 3D print its removable roof.

Please see images for further details. Please note that some of the optional files included will require a larger print bed. 

This 3D print file contains STLs for the following:

Walls and Supports
Elbow Pylon x 5
Half Wall x 5
Half Wall Female
Half Wall M + F
Internal Door
Pylon x 2
Internal Wall x 5
T-Junction Pylon x3
House Wall x 10
Window x 5
X-Junction Pylon x 3

Optional Roof
Plank x 4
Roof x 7

Coffee Table x 2
Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Cupboard
Kitchen components x 5
Shower x 4
Toilet Seat

Our reference consumer grade 3D printer is the Form 2 SLA (Stereolighotgraphy Apparatus) resin 3D printer by Formlabs.

Our Bounding Box Benchmark is 220mm x 220mm This product requires a maximum build size of 178.24mm x 52.96mm x 104.81mm. Please note that some of the optional files included will require a larger print bed. 

The recommended print resolution is 25 microns, though users may find the 50 microns setting may be acceptable for some larger objects. Lower resolutions are not recommended. 

The Form 2 printer has a maximum build size of 145 (L) x 145 (W) x 175 (H) mm.

3D printable file and model ©2020 Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company. All Rights Reserved. 

Please note that all content is subject to trademark ® and copyright © protection of the brand named above. 
- STL files are sold on an "as-is" basis only, we do not accept modification requests and printing and technical support is not provided.
- 3D Printable files have strictly non-commercial, non-distribution licenses and shall be downloaded for personal use only. 
- The customer may not share, distribute, sell, rent, sub-license, host or transfer the 3D printable file. 
- The customer may not 3D print these files for commercial or mass production purpose. 
- 3D printable files maybe downloaded for personal only and may not be used for marketing, collecting money, fees, donations, reimbursement or any purposes of remuneration: Including but not limited to selling 3D prints, posting content on Ebay, Etsy, Shapeways, Facebook, store or any other product or file sharing or distribution site or service. 
- Any violation is subject to legal enforcement of intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including criminal prosecution. 

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