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Grand fleets clash in fast-playing tabletop battles based on the award-winning video game series, Homeworld. Take command of Kushan or Taiidan fleets in epic 1-4 player battles. Featuring over 100 models of Fighter squadrons, Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, and fleet-busting Capital Ships, including the iconic Mothership itself!

  • A 10-part campaign that will take players from their first fighter skirmish to huge battles such as Return to Kharak, Supernova Station, and Tenhauser Gate.
  • Step-by-step scenarios that make it easy to jump right into the shoes of an Admiral and gradually learn the core game mechanics as the size of your fleet increases!
  • 101 plastic ships of the Kushan and Taiidan navies, including the Mothership, 48 Fighters, 24 Corvettes, 24 Frigates, 2 Carriers, and 2 Destroyers.
  • Solo rules that let one person play either side against a determined AI opponent or up to four players can share command.
  • Combine multiple copies of the game to create epic fleet battles.

20 - 45 Minutes, 2-4 Players, Ages 14+



  • 50 Plastic Taiidan Ships (24 Fighters, 12 Corvettes, 12 Frigates, 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier)
  • 51 Plastic Kushan Ships (24 Interceptors, 12 Corvettes, 12 Frigates, 1 Destroyer, 1 Carrier, 1 Mothership)
  • 1 Rulebook 
  • 1 Double-sided Game board with hex grid
  • 225 Tokens
  • 42 Unit Cards, 44 Leader Cards, 54 Command Cards, 2 Faction Cards
  • 6 Red and 6 Blue Six-sided Dice
  • Please note this product DOES NOT include the Scout Box stretch goals. Please check out the bundles for that additional content.

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