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The Human Sphere, the imminent future of humanity, shines forth with all the magnificence of the technology at the service of the greater good!

Enter a world where pervasive domotics and augmented reality have long since ceased to be a luxury. Discover what it takes to be on top of what is hot and what is cool in fashion, leisure, transportation, and lifestyle amenities in a world where consumerism is the ultimate lifestyle choice.

Make yourself comfortable and let your faithful geist set you up with some nice background music while you consider the advantages of trading in your body for a new, more advanced model or simply upgrade with one of the myriad colourful augmentations. Biotechnology and chemicals enhancement are but a purchase away.

And for our digital customers, delve into Maya and surf the datasphere, confident that your security measures will protect you from minor embarrassments just as our most avant-garde neomaterials and military infrastructure protect you from the vastness of space itself.

Endless seas of products and luxuries await your pleasure. Enjoy the quantronic rush of buying full retail and treat yourself to something nice for a change! From the most backward tools to fully equipped space stations, everything your heart desires can be yours with the simplest credit background check and a series of easy-to-meet payments.

You need a machete? Why not a nanofilament blade? Don’t like your nose? Transform your whole body into your beautiful furzona! Need a ride? Forget about tickets on the next Circular–get your own Class 5 battleship!

Be like GoGo Marlene and live BIG!

So, head right away to your Nomad mercado, your Merovingian Commercial Agent, the Haqqislamite caravanserai of your preference, or even the Warmarket at Warcon! If you find it cheaper, buy it!

The Technology of the Human Sphere sourcebook includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the technologies crucial for the wellbeing of the Human Sphere, including neomaterials and Silk!
  • How to live like the rich and famous in different corners of the galaxy. An overview on how to acquire, use, and enjoy the material blessings of the Human Sphere.
  • Dataspheres, augmented realities, infowar, and more! Ideas and rules on living (and surviving!) in a quantronic battlefield.
  • Security gear, physical augmentations, weapons, labour equipment, and how to mod virtually anything!
  • The most inclusive list of equipment, gear, weapons, and vehicles of the Human Sphere with over 100 pages of tables including almost everything available in the galaxy!

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