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The Weapon Deck for KULT: Divinity Lost consists of 55 cards with rules, information, and illustration of both completely new as well as previously presented weapons and gear, such as the assault rifle, shotgun, explosives, flashbang grenades, heavy body armor, magnum handgun, pocket pistol, Molotov cocktail, and many more. The deck facilitates for the players and the Gamemaster with easy reference to applicable rules and data.

    You will immediately receive an accompanying PDF upon completion of purchase.

    Note: THIS  GAME EXPLORES  MATURE THEMES. The  content of this book  explores psychological and  body horror. There are explicit  examples of physical and mental abuse,  violence, sexual assault, religious exploitation,  child abuse, mental illness, kidnapping and abduction,  animal cruelty/death, pregnancy/childbirth, miscarriages/abortion,  drug use, self-harm and suicide, blood, and death.

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