Priority Mission 3 - Season of the Snake 2 - Assault on Zuara 2 PDF


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Storm an Axis Airfield!

Welcome to Section M: Priority Missions, smaller one-shot missions and scenarios to help out the hard-pressed GM. Inside this PDF you’ll find a complete mission brief and full colour map to help you run a shorter one-shot session, plus a set of Adventure Seeds to provide inspiration for further adventures.

A mysterious Luftwaffe aircraft was spotted making what appeared to be a forced landing at this airstrip and it is undergoing repairs in a hangar on-site. The LRDG report that although it resembled a Junkers G 38 bomber, it seemed to flicker in and out of sight as it landed.

While the RAF remain sceptical, Section M are a little more concerned when they hear each disappearance was marked by an intermittent burst of blue light… What is in that hangar? A new piece of Nachtwölfe wunderwaffe or some Black Sun devilry? Your mission: sabotage or steal it, then report back!


  • A ready made scenario featuring an Axis-occupied desert airfield
  • Detailed locations and a colour GM map and to add atmosphere and flavour
  • Blank player map for desktop or digital play
  • Adventure seeds and inspirations for extending the experience and alternative play

Requires the Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20 core books to run.

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