Star Trek Adventures BRIEFS PDF 017 Beneath the Raptor's Wings


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Starfleet was founded as an exploratory and peacekeeping organization. Over the course of its history, it has also been called upon to defend against alien threats. Nothing could have prepared Starfleet, however, for humanity’s first full-scale interstellar war. It was a conflict which shaped the destiny of what became the Federation and their foe, the Romulan Star Empire.

This packet presents ten detailed mission briefs focused on Starfleet officers around the time of the Earth-Romulan War. Feel free to modify them for use in your Star Trek™ Adventures campaigns set during the Star Trek: Enterprise era (approximately 2151–2200) or any other era of play with minor modifications. Each mission brief is designed to stand alone, though they could easily be strung together into a story arc or added to an existing campaign.

This is a PDF product; upon purchase you will be emailed a link to access it. There is no print version of this product. You will receive a standard version of the PDF with dark text on light background.

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