The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms - Dwemer Dungeon Scatter


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Like so many dungeons across Tamriel, Dwemer strongholds are filled with the remnants of former inhabitants’ lives. In the case of the Dwemer, these expertly crafted relics have stood the test of time and are often in much better condition than those found in other dungeons. Beds, tables, and benches of solid stone suggest the Dwemer valued simplicity and utility much more highly than comfort. Braziers of different shapes and sizes still provide illumination and heat after so long, such is the expertise with which they were built, functioning for centuries without maintenance. Ubiquitous pots and strangely decorative barrels may contain valuable items or dangerous substances. All of this and more can be discovered by the adventurous delvers who brave the traps and guardians left behind by their makers.

These resin miniatures can be used to dress your tabletops and set the scene for more immersive battles!

This boxed set contains twenty-four 32mm scale multi-part high quality resin miniatures, each with scenic bases, to allow players to expand their The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms games. Supplied unpainted and unassembled.


  • 1 x Table
  • 2 x Benches
  • 2 x Beds
  • 2 x Braziers, Tall
  • 2 x Braziers, Short
  • 4 x Barrels, Closed
  • 4 x Barrels, Open
  • 5 x Small Pots
  • 2 x Urns


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