A Closer Look at Spaceships in the ALIEN RPG and the Schematics by John R. Mullaney

A Hard Life Amongst the Stars

"This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off." 

The ALIEN tabletop RPG by Free League Publishing and Twentieth Century Fox is available now here!

Many of you have now had the chance to check out the Cinematic Starter Kit PDF in detail, and even play the included scenario Chariot of the Gods by Andrew E.C. Gaska. It's great to hear your comments and feedback, such as Adam Koebel's massively in-depth video review.

The full game contains lots of material beyond the Cinematic Starter Kit, mostly focused on fleshing out the ALIEN universe for Campaign play.

One really meaty chapter of the full rulebook deals with life in space in 2183 AD, and a big part of that chapter is focused on something every self-respecting sci-fi RPG needs – spaceships. The rulebook will include comprehensive rules for starships, how to modify and upgrade them – and how to fight fast and brutal battles with them.

Several now iconic starships known from the ALIEN films, such as the Nostromo and the Sulaco. To bring these to life, artist John R. Mullaney has created amazing schematic illustratons of these and other space (and ground) vessels. Check out his designs below – in the printed game you'll see them in full size and detailed glory! John's own thoughts on the process:

“I’m thrilled to have been asked to collaborate with Free League and contribute these new artworks to their Alien RPG. My background is in producing full perspective & cross-section artworks of ships from various franchises, and this latest project has enabled me to apply those same 3D techniques to 2D elevations - an illustrative approach which has yet to be applied to the ships from the ALIEN universe. Thanks to the help of the fan community, I was able to acquire and closely study photos of the original miniatures as my primary reference. By then employing a hybrid style of watercolour and Photoshop, I have strived to make each artwork as screen-accurate as the reference allows. I hope the fanbase enjoys these artworks as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them."


Not got the game yet? It’s available now from here.

This blog has been reproduced from the Alien RPG Newsletter with permission from Free League.