Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Institute - What's in the boxes?

Head of Wargames, Jon Webb offers a run down of what you can expect to find in the Institute sets available online and in retail from December 6th here.

With the Institute almost ready to infiltrate your games of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare , its time to look over the various miniatures arriving as part of this wave.

So far, Ethan has given us a broad run down of the faction and Giles has gone through his painting tips for a starter force, now we will take an in depth look at the various force options and sculpts you will be using to build your force of terrifying synthetic life.

The bulk of your force is likely going to be comprised of Gen 1 Synths. There are two profiles, the Gen 1 Synth and the Battered Gen 1 Synth. These are cheap and somewhat disposable options, though never underestimate the weight of numbers they can bring, or the ability to deploy unexpected reinforcements with Synth Relay Grenades.

There are four Gen 1 sculpts in the Institute Core Box and a further four in the Institute Synths reinforcement box. These are armed with a good mix of Institute Laser Rifles, Institute Laser Pistols and Stun Batons so you can mix it up at both close and long range.

Painters will likely start from a silver metal base before picking out the internal details and white armor panels. Perhaps the Institute experimented with other during early research, so a carbon fiber or gold exoskeleton might make for a unique painting project.

For those looking to take it up a notch and get more reliable if pricier troops, the Gen 2 models are what you are looking for. Whether fielded as Troopers or Patrollers, the Gen 2’s are (barely) more human looking and can be trusted to hit their intended targets.

Having been developed later in the Synth program, they are usually covered in an artificial skin layer and often wear Synth Armor to battle to protect their vulnerable organs and systems.

The Institute Core Box includes two sculpts, with a further two in the Institute Synths box. Again, they are armed with the Institute Laser weapons and Stun Batons.

For the discerning Institute supporter looking to truly put fear into their foes, the Courser brings an efficient and deadly package. Almost invisible and deadly accurate at range, the Courser can be found lurking in the Institute Core Box (or available in his Stealth Boy blue at shows we attend).

Wearing the distinct Courser Uniform and bringing a more direct application of force with his Combat Shotgun, make sure to brush up your black painting technique for that classic appearance.


Rounding out the Institute Core Box is the Institute Scientist. Able to hit the table as either a Scientist or the more repair focused Engineer, don’t expect much from them when the bullets start flying, but keep them handy when you need to patch up your surviving troops. 

Clothed in a Cleanroom suit and carrying some no doubt essential tech, this model makes a nice change of pace from the metal and white Synths you will no doubt be painting.

Institute Scientist

The Covert Operations box is where the (anti)? heroes of the Institute can be found. Containing Conrad Kellogg, Z2-47 and A-2018 this set of hardened veterans bring excellent shooting and melee abilities to your force.

Z2-47 is another classic Courser, with the accompanying costume, while A-2018 decided to pack his Synth Armor and Missile Launcher for maximum damage. Kellogg meanwhile is kitted up in a snazzy leather jacket and functional military trousers and boots. Between the three of them, there are a nice mix of matte and shiny surfaces and organic and non-organic textures to really play with.

Hopefully getting a good look at all the models in this block has got you excited to lead your band of killer robots out of their secret bases and attempt to bring science back to the Wasteland. All the Institute sets arrive on the 6th of December alongside the supporting card pack so make sure bookmark our store page or speak to your local gaming store to reserve your troops.

By Jon Webb

The Institute are available on the 6th of December. You can purchase the Fallout 2 Player Starter set for Black Friday at 50% off as part of our Black Friday sale here.

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