Today we're revealing Frank Horrigan - the main enemy in Fallout 2 and one of the Enclave's main weapons in their fight to control the Wasteland! Frank Horrigan will be part of the Enclave faction releases in Wave 2. Though he's a super mutant he started as an Enclave special agent but was exposed to the F.E.V on a mission. The Enclave developed the armor specifically for him which pumps him full of drugs. His power armor lets him shrug off devastating firepower and his strength let's him take on powerful enemies in melee combat, making him one of the deadliest entities you'll encounter. Either use Frank Horrigan as part of your Enclave force or perhaps as an AI enemy creature roaming the wasteland!

Frank Horrigan get's his own special scenic base featuring a dead Deathclaw. Yes he's THAT big...

Your very own wasteland nightmare is coming soon.

Fallout: wasteland warfare