We had a great launch party for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare in London at Sever Bar in Shepherds Bush - massive thanks to everyone who came down! Here's a peak at what you missed in the presentation we gave about Wave 2 and what's to come down the road...

First of all we've broken up the next Wave in to several smaller waves so we can get them out to you and retailers much quicker. Wave 1 was an enormous undertaking and I think has proven that we're committed to building the range however to keep the pre-orders quicker and more sensible we decided to split them up. The next wave will focus on the Raiders, more creatures and new scenery. Please click on the images for close-ups!

We showed a peak at the Raiders Character set (Ack Ack, Sinjin & Avery) and will be revealing the updated versions of the other two sets (core box and expansion set) soon as we've been updating them with more unique models to bring them in line with the other existing factions.


You may have seen the X-01 armour suit before - this comes with variants of a male and female sole survivor head or the helmet itself, plus you get the awesome Dogmeat in armour.


​Wave 2 sees a set of Molerats plus the Putrid and Bloated Glowing Ones to add to your wasteland encounters.


We are introducing some specific sets to help improve your wasteland cover - from Military barricades to junk barricades featuring recognisable items from the Fallout universe.

The Objectives Markers set features some really fun themed objectives to use around the battlefield.


This next wave will follow quickly on and will see expansions for all the existing factions - such as Elder Maxson and Lancer-Captain Kells for the Brotherhood of Steel, or an Overlord and Fist for the Super Mutants. Meanwhile the Survivors get Strong, Nick Valentine and Hancock!

You'll be able to expand your factions as well - for example with the Vault Dwellers or Power Armour expansions. There's more than this but this will give you a look ahead at what's in-store for on-going support.

Our goal is to be able to deliver a sensible number of regular expansions to retail each month.


Over the coming year we'll be launching a number of campaign boxes which are linked to major DLC's for Fallout 4 (initially), introducing new rules and forces, plus new ways to play. One of the most exciting parts is going to be the special campaigns which will really open up a lot of new narrative gameplay options.

The sets will also introduce the robots and creatures as playable factions. One of the sets is based on Far Harbor and gives you a lot more powerful creatures to face off against and a whole campaign around the Mirelurks.

Another major campaign box is based around Liberty Prime and we'll be revealing more about that soon!


We showed off a selection of Gen 1 Synths from the Institute faction coming next year. We've already shown Institute Coursers, Gen 2 Synth's, the Institute scientist and there's more to come.


The Enclave will follow the release of the Institute - you may have seen the Scientist, Officers and Frank Horrigan before, but we also revealed the first looks at the Enclave power armour - both the standard and Tesla version!


We're planning more scenics for Wave 3 onwards including the well known cars from Fallout, as well as other special features such as the crashed UFO!

Wave 2 will also have another special pre-order Bonus - Mysterious Stranger! Whilst Nuka Girl becomes the retail pre-order bonus, we'll have Alien Zetan and Mysterious Stranger for online orders. Later retail will then get Mysterious Stranger for pre-orders so everyone gets a chance to catch him!

That's it for the overview of the launch party reveals hope you enjoyed the sneak peak, now we're back to shipping out orders!

Fallout: wasteland warfare