What’s New for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare?
Wave 2 - also called the Raiders Wave as it includes the release of the Raiders as a faction has launched. To accompany this launch we have updated a number of files on the website as well as added some new supporting material.

With so much content coming your way, we asked James Sheahan (designer of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG expansion) to give us some details about all the new and updated files in the Downloads section.


With the Wave 2 models and cards finally released, not only are the card PDFs for Wave 2 now available but there’s a new series of linked scenarios both for player versus players games and for players playing solo or co-op versus the AI too. There’s also a new FAQ as well as revised cards, card list, and more.

Let’s quickly go through what each new file is and what it provides you.

Wave 2 Linked Scenarios


A new campaign of 5 linked scenarios – The Beast of the Bottling Plant – has been created which utilises much of the new content in Wave 2. On one side are the Raiders who are looking to establish themselves in a new region by taking over a bottling plant - set to resist them are the locals who know any permanent Raider base will be bad news. The outcomes of each of the first 4 scenarios affect the next scenario as well as the finale too.

Suggested forces are provided to get you playing straight away, but you can also use your own forces of any faction if you wish. Suggested Wasteland Decks (Events, Dangers, Stranger, Creature, Items) have been provided too to thematically match the cards in the Wasteland to each scenario.

Players playing solo or co-op games against the AI can also play through the campaign as every scenario includes AI settings. Settings are provided for both sides too so players can play through as the Raiders or the Locals, or even play it twice - once as each side.

You can watch Twitch videos of Modiphius developers Ethan and Charlie (and Giles) playing these scenarios on YouTube now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfiJlWv1Lus&list=PLE8gwC4Miwd2cvNsDZTq-LqXqQvVa_UC0

Wave 2 Cards
As Modiphius announced previously, models no longer come with cards from Wave 2 onwards – this change allows for a faster and more reliable manufacturing process so new products are released more often and existing products remain in stock. From now on, each new wave will include a separate card pack which provides all the cards required for all the models in the wave as well as many more like AI, Quests, Explore, Events, Dangers, etc. Being able to buy all the Wave 2 cards in one pack means players can experience all the content of Wave 2 regardless of which models they purchase; plus, players of the RPG can expand their games easily too.

As with all waves, all cards in Wave 2 which have a cost (Units, Weapons, Items, Leaders, etc.) can be downloaded and these are now available. (The other cards without like Events, Dangers, AI, etc. are only available in the physical card deck.)

As well as new Items like the Gauss Rifle and Raider Power Armor, a few cards of note in Wave 2 are the Robot Controller and Creature Controller Leader cards. These allow almost any model to lead a force consisting entirely of Robots or Creatures. These are just the minimum required to do so, and Robot and Creature forces will be greatly expanded in Waves 3 and 4 too, but we wanted to allow players to field Robot or Creature forces now rather than wait.

Wave 2 cards also contain weaker versions of some creatures and robots from Wave 1 such as the Battered Assaultron and Young Deathclaw. These cards are for use with the existing models and allow players to use these inhabitants of the Wasteland more often as they have a lower cost. Conversely, there is a more dangerous version of the Radroach Swarm too – the Glowing Radroach Swarm – so Radroaches are not always a pushover.

Also, there are new reference cards which update the rules for Robots, Creatures and Dogs too.

FAQ v3
The new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare FAQ provides lots of new information as well as some updated rules. As F:WW is a living game, the FAQ also includes a table of every revised card – see Wave 1 Card Changes below.


Wave 1 Card Changes
Some cards from Wave 1 have been revised – most of these changes are minor or superficial corrections so do not have a noticeable impact on gameplay, but there are two particular card changes players should be aware of. One is that Dogmeat, Dogmeat Scout and Dog have had their AGI reduced slightly to make them slightly less formidable, and the other is that X6-88 is no longer considered a Robot as he is a Gen 3 Synth so indistinguishable from humans. (More on Synths in Wave 3...)

As you probably know, all cards from Wave 1 which have a cost (Units, Items, Weapons, Mods, etc.) are available for download for free. This allows players to print additional copies of cards. All the existing downloadable Wave 1 card files on the Downloads page have been updated so they now include all the revised cards.

For players that just want to see all the revised cards in one place, and so you can print them all out without needing to print unchanged cards, all the revised cards can be downloaded as a single PDF too.


Settlement Sheet
A new structure has been added to Settlements, called Lockers, which allows a player to retain items which they are not equipping for a battle but would still like to have in their pool after the battle when they next use their Settlement, rather than have to sell them off. Also, the cost of the Ranger Outpost has been altered from 500 to 100.


Full Card List
Since just after the game was launched, a list of every card and which cards were with which products has been available in the Downloads section. With cards now being released separate to the models, a new card list has been created which describes all the cards in the new products including Wave 2. The pre-July 2019 card list is also still there as reference for players who have products from Wave 1 that had cards accompanying them.


Points/Caps Costs
As well as providing costs for all new Units, Items, Leaders, etc. in Wave 2, the costs of all existing cards have been fully reviewed and updated where necessary to further balance the game. If you have existing lists of forces, double-check you’re using the latest points values.


Battle Mode and Force Lists
Battle Mode is a way of playing Fallout: Wasteland Warfare intended for organised play as it removes most of the narrative and random elements. The rules for Battle Mode have been revised, a Force List for Raiders has been added, and the other Force Lists have been updated too with new cards from Wave 2 and any updated costs.
Note that the Force Lists are only for Battle Mode and the limitations they add are not used when playing the game in its normal way.



An FAQ has been released for the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG. As well as some questions and errata, it provides some detailed advice experience points (how much XP to award, when and how to award it, etc.), as well as providing suggested equipment for the NPCs in the Introductory Scenario.

Phew – as you can see it’s been a busy time. It’s great the next phase of F:WW is now being released and the existing files are updated. No time to rest though as we have lots of really exciting things planned for new models in the next waves as well as new scenarios and content for player versus player and solo/co-op versus AI too.

The Raiders Wave Models and Card Pack are available to purchase from the Modiphius site and will be in retail from the 9th August.

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