Modiphius Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the Sciences Division supplement, for the Star Trek Adventures RPG,
The Science Division Supplement is now available in print and PDF on as part of the Star Trek Adventures Collection and in PDF only on
The Sciences Division supplement will round off the three division supplements: command, operations, and sciences.
The Science Division supplement contains:
  • A detailed exploration of the science and medical departments, Starfleet Exploratory Division, Starfleet Science, and Starfleet Medical.
  • Advice for including time travel and fan-favorite Q in your missions.
  • New options for science-based characters, as well as science and medical equipment not yet covered by the game.
  • New guidance for creating truly alien beings, and new rules for diseases.
  • Character statistics for famous scientific luminaries like Carol Marcus, Noonian Soong, and Zefram Cochrane.
Fans looking to enjoy even more Star Trek Adventures, should keep hailing frequencies open as in July, the focus moves to the Alpha Quadrant with the second quadrant sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures. The Alpha Quadrant sourcebook sets its sights on starbase Deep Space 9, Bajor, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, and the Maquis. The book’s cover features original artwork of the first battle of Deep Space 9, with the station defending itself from the Klingon fleet.
In August, Star Trek Adventures will begin to explore Strange New Worlds with its second mission compendium of the same name.  The book will contain 9 original missions to play through, exploring the strangest and most challenging away missions on dangerous planets and weird environments.Strange New Worlds follows These Are the Voyages in providing fans with adventure material for the game from both Star Trek fiction writers such as Christopher L. Bennett (The Captain’s Oath, Greater Than the Sum) and roleplay gaming luminaries like Jason Bulmahn (Pathfinder).
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