Explore a Brand New World of Transhuman Sci-Fi Roleplaying For Your TRAVELLER™ Game!
London 11th January 2017: Modiphius Entertainment and Mindjammer Press are pleased to announce the release of Mindjammer—Transhuman Adventure in the Second Age of Space, a transhuman science fiction setting for the TRAVELLER™ roleplaying game from Mongoose Publishing.
The Ennie Award-winning transhuman science-fiction RPG setting returns, in a brand new edition for use with the TRAVELLER roleplaying game!
Mindjammer—Transhuman Adventure in the Second Age of Space is available in print and PDF on Modiphius.net and in PDF on DriveThruRPG and in your friendly local games store.
This brand new 384-page hardback book includes:
• full rules for starships, organisations, and culture operations;
• detailed character cultures, genotypes, and new careers—play a sentient starship!
• new and innovative systems for describing planets, star systems, and alien life;
• deep setting material on the New Commonality of Humankind;
• rules for the Mindscape and virtual worlds;
• starmaps and planet descriptions, histories and background.
Never has there been a greater time of opportunity. The universe is in flux, and for the first time in ten thousand years no one knows what the future will bring. Charge your blaster, thoughtcast your orders to the starship sentience, and fire up the planing engines. Come and defend the light of humanity's greatest civilisation as it spreads to the stars!
Requires the use of the TravellerTM Core Rulebook, available from Mongoose Publishing. High Guard and the Central Supply Catalogue, available from Mongoose Publishing, are also recommended.
For further adventures with Mindjammer, including the original Mindjammer—The Roleplaying Game and adventures like Dominion, The City People and BLUE: Adventures in the ruins of an Alien World visit the Mindjammer Collection on Modiphius.net. For further information on Mindjammer, visit Mindjammerpress.com or visit the Mindjammer Facebook page.