Venture Into a World of Transhuman Sci-Fi Roleplaying For Your TRAVELLER™ Game!
London 18th January 2017: Modiphius Entertainment and Mindjammer Press are pleased to announce the release of the Dominion Quickstart for the Mindjammer Traveller setting, a chance to sample a transhuman science fiction universe for the TRAVELLER™ roleplaying game.
The Dominion Quickstart is available in print for just £5 and as a FREE PDF on and also on DriveThruRPG. Here are the exciting details:
An Ancient War-Ravaged World and a Deadly Foe!

A quickstart primer and introductory adventure for Mindjammer (Traveller edition).

Beyond the borders of the New Commonality of Humankind lies the Sentient Alliance, turbulent worlds where the embers of the Venu War still glow. And yet, stretched thin, the Commonality still tries to keep the light of civilisation alive. Join a team of recruits to SCI Force—the Security and Cultural Integrity Instrumentality—on a mission gone horribly wrong on the cold war frontier with the Venu Successor States. Can you rise to the occasion and save the day before yet another world falls before the encroaching night?

Dominion includes:

- Quickstart rules to enable you to play a Mindjammer (Traveller edition) game using this book and the TRAVELLER CORE RULEBOOK!
- Four pregenerated characters to get started right away;
- Descriptions, maps, and plans of a strange alien world with an exotic lost colony civilisation;
- A complete action-packed adventure showcasing the Mindjammer setting and rules, playable in one or more sessions.
- Experience the Mindjammer universe up close and personal as you join in the battle for… Dominion!

Requires the use of the TRAVELLER CORE RULEBOOK, available from Mongoose Publishing.
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